Is there a lifeguard on duty?

At this time there will only be lifeguards during parties at the pool.

How will I enter the pool?

Members will receive a key fob. The policy at the pool is that you do not enter without a key.

How are nonmembers kept out of the pool?

We intentionally did not use a number pad because in our experience the number is given out and people continue to use it without having the member with them. The locking system we have in place is opened only with a key fob. The policy of the pool is that you will not enter without a key. (Please keep in mind this does NOT pertain to guests of members!)

How many key fobs will we receive with our membership? Can we pay for an extra?

It is our policy to give one key per membership. Similar to opting against using number pad entry, we do this to protect members.

Can I lend my key to a friend or family member to use?

No. It is policy that at least one member listed on the membership form must be present. Lending keys to friends and/or family could result in losing membership.

What happens if I lose my key?

The first key will be replaced for $25. Your lost key will be deactivated. If your key is lost subsequent times it will be replaced for $50 each key and the old key will be deactivated.

Can I bring chairs, umbrellas, and/or a cooler?

There are chairs, umbrellas, and tables set up around the pool. However, you are welcome to bring your own. They should be taken with you upon leaving.Coolers are welcome as well. All drinks MUST be in plastic or aluminum- absolutely NO GLASS.

Is there a grill?

There are two charcoal grills kept at the pool. They may be used on a first come, first serve basis. Please clean the grates upon finishing!

Why does my child have to wear both a swim diaper and plastic waterproof pants?

When there is an a fecal accident in the pool it requires closing the pool for an extended period of time. It ruins the fun for the day! A few accidents in the pool were while wearing swim diapers. To solve this problem, we now require plastic waterproof pants as well.