Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

  1. Admission is limited to active Hampton Heights Pool members and their guests. Non-members are admitted to the pool only for parties or as a guest of a member. Members may bring up to 4 guests or one nuclear family at a time up to 2 times a week.  Members may bring guests Monday -Thursdays only until July  11th. From July 11th until the end of the season guests are allowed any day of the week.  Each guest must pay $1 per day. Members must sign the registration book and list all guests.  Guest fees should be placed in the drop box on the wall. 
  2.  Guests are required to follow all rules and regulations. Members are responsible for their guests and should accompany them for the entire stay. Do not leave without them.
  3. Members will be responsible for any damage or theft caused by them or their guests.
  4. The pool hours are dawn to dusk. If the streetlights are on, the pool is closed. 
  5. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible person 18 years or older. This rule will be strictly enforced for safety. Parents are expected to supervise their children while at the pool.
  6. Absolutely NO unattended solo swimming at any time due to state law. Early morning and after 9 pm adult swimmers must have a buddy present. No one should enter the pool unless another adult is present inside the pool gates.
  7. Small floats, inner tubes, and swimming aides are allowed only when they do not interfere with other members’ enjoyment of the pool. No rafts. No floats with glitter. No water guns.  Hard balls, sponge balls, and other objectionable, small, or unsafe objects are not allowed in the pool. They can get trapped in the filters and lines, and damage the pool equipment. No furniture is allowed in the pool.
  8. Horseplay is not permitted. This includes throwing people in the pool, holding under water, dunking, scuffling, striking, spitting or spouting of water, running and ball playing. No chewing gum in the pool.
  9. All children must be FULLY toilet trained or wear swimming diapers AND plastic pants. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN IN THE BABY POOL. We have very strict levels of water quality for the baby pool. In the event of a fecal accident in the pool, the responsible party will be charged $150 to pay for pool to close and chemicals to treat the water.
  10. During an electrical storm, no one should be in or near the pool or under trees for 20 minutes after thunder is heard or lightening is seen. (The Weather Service recommends an hour). If the storm continues the pool will be closed.
  11. Glass is not permitted inside the gate area. Smoking is not permitted inside the fenced area.
  12. No food, drink, or wrappers allowed within 10 feet of the pool. Put trash in the trashcans and recycled items in the bins provided. Please clean up after yourself and your children.
  13. Please return furniture to its proper place after use. Do not block steps or entrance areas with furniture.
  14. Proper swim attire is required (no cut-offs, shorts, etc.).
  15. Diving is not allowed in the shallow end.
  16. Pets are not allowed inside the gate area or tethered on pool grounds.
  17. NO GRILLING on the pool deck. You are welcome to use the provided charcoal grills or use your own in the grass very near the pavillion. 
  18. FHHPPool Inc, it’s employees, officers and personnel have full authority to eject any person from the pool area for rule violation. Any member who witnesses rule violations should remind the person in violation of the policy. If the violator does not comply the incident should be reported to Bob Shields as soon as possible. Repeat violations may result in the loss of that person’s pool privileges.

**These rules are in accordance with Georgia Public Health requirements.