Up to two times per week, pool members may bring up to 4 guests or one nuclear family. But sometimes you just need more. Pool parties were designed for just this purpose! 

Parties for 40 people or less may be held Monday- Thursday. Be sure to complete the party booking process two weeks in advance of your desired party date.  Check the calendar page for information and available dates.  Note that parties may NOT be held Friday-Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day.

* Please note- If food, cake, decorations, or presents are involved, it IS a party. 

** What if all or most of the party-goers are members? Is it still considered a party?

The short answer is YES.

Though it becomes somewhat of a gray area, in the end the pool becomes more crowded during the time of the party because people (members or not) have been invited to attend at that specific time. Often, children are dropped off at the party and therefore aren’t being supervised and so a lifeguard is needed. 

Pool Parties and lifeguards

Safety is most important. People think they are watching their children, but it has been our experience that parents often get distracted in a social environment like a pool party. For the safety of your children, please give us enough time to hire the number of lifeguards needed for you to have a safe and fun party. 

Party Booking Process

1: To initiate the party booking process, please check the Calendar to ensure that your date is available. Parties may only be held for 2 hours Monday-Thursday.
2: Print and complete the pool party request form. Please include the times you would like to have your party.
3: Deliver or mail the completed form and refundable $50 cleaning deposit to Whitney Alverson. Your requested party time will be “pending” until both are received.

 The wooden pavilion in the grassy area is reserved for the party, but the pool and all other areas remain open to members. The party host is responsible for cleanup of all party paraphernalia, lifeguard payment, and ensuring that guests comply with all pool rules and state law. 

Party during regular hours (2 hours) + $50 refundable cleaning deposit

These are not private parties but the date and time still needs to be reserved in order to have lifeguards.

The pool is still open for all members to use during regular hours.

  • You must reserve the pool at least two weeks in advance so we can secure a lifeguard for your party.
  • The total cost for a party during regular hours  is $130. The member pays: $50 to FHHP Pool Association and $80 ($40 each) directly to the lifeguards at the party (2 lifeguards are required).
  • Filled out form and full payment is required to confirm your date/time.
  • The pool member MUST be present at the party and supervise throughout the party.
  • You must clean up everything party related (tables, pool deck, trash, straighten furniture).
  • If the party has to be canceled due to bad weather we will do all possible to reschedule your party.

Pool Party Cleaning Deposit

The hosting Pool Member is responsible for post-party clean up. The Member Closet is stocked with cleaning supplies and implements for this purpose!

A refundable $50 deposit is required for all parties. Please make the check out to FHHP Pool Association. If cleaning up party debris is not required, we will shred the check or mail it to you.  However, in the event that any area (the pool, pool deck, tables, bathroom, wooden pavilion, grassy area, parking lot) requires extra cleaning related to the party, we will deposit the check to offset cleaning costs.

So what does “clean up after the party” mean? Leave all areas just like you would want to find it! Usually it looks something like this:

  • Trash and Recycling. Please recycle anything you can! Pick up all trash; empty all trash cans used for the party; place trash bags in roller carts outside the fence; place new liners in all trash cans. If the recycling can is overflowing, please bag any “overflow” and place it outside the fence.
  • Pool deck.  Sweep all areas; often after a party you’ll need to wash down any areas that involved food– especially if kids and/or cake were involved.
  • Tables and furniture.  Return folding tables to member closet; return all furniture to proper location; sweep or even wash down tables used for the party.
  • Grassy area and wooden pavilion. Please pick up trash and any food scraps; return furniture to their original location; wipe or wash down tables; see next note about grills. 
  • Grills. If the charcoal grills were used, please douse the coals and add to the ash can if cool. Please clean the grates upon finishing!